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anger Management


The purpose of the anger management treatment and techniques is to assist youth/adult with understanding their emotions and managing their emotions. This service attempts to accommodate the needs, interests, and learning styles of the adults/youth referred to the program. The aim of this service is to provide adults, children and families with the information and skills necessary to manage and express anger effectively to help lead to positive change for the good of themselves and those around them. The anger management work groups will be available to clients two times per month and through individual 30-45 minute sessions.

goals for anger management

  • Learn individual anger triggers and warning signs.

  • Discover the positive power of anger and how it can work for the individual.

  • Use constructive ways to express anger with others.

  • Determine individual physical activities one can use to positively “let go” of anger.

  • Devise an anger management plan for overall well-being of oneself and to enhance quality of life at work and at home.

  • Use anger as a tool for valuable change in society

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